A journey
starting long ago

A journey
starting long ago

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Processes and services

Bergo can meet the needs of different industrial and production sectors in sheet metal and metal processing.

Laser cutting & punching

Bergo makes use of 2 combined machines for laser cutting.


Bergo has 2 panel benders, 1 Primapower Ebe5 panel bender and 1 bender


Bergo deals with the welding process, namely the process of joining metal parts.


The wide range of our machinery allows us speed of execution for…


Assembly and packaging is one of the last processing stages...

Surface treatments

Our company works with qualified companies to give our customer…

Our Experience

Bergo Srl was born in 1958 when the Bertolini family created a cutting-edge company with passion, work, innovation and vision towards the future, able to focus on the customer only.

The keyword:

The charm of tradition is as important as it is essential to be oriented towards the future and constantly deal with the innovations of our field. Our company offers the best solution in customized sheet metal processing.
Certification is synonymous with safety


Attention to production quality and technical knowledge have allowed our company to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9002 quality certification, undertaken by one of the strictest bodies: Det Norske Veritas.

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Via Cisa Ligure, 115/117
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