Laser cutting & punching

The machinery

As far as cutting is concerned, Bergo is equipped with:

Primapower PSBB line composed of 1530 combo tower 1530 + sg 1530 servo-electric punching machine + integrated servo-electric shearing machine + Ebe2720 servo-electric bending machine + palletising

2 Primapower laser cutting and punching LB6 and CG1530 combined machines
1 Mazak OP3015 fiber laser cutter

Our machinery allows us to meet the needs of customers who also require large lots, facing all processing challenges with timely deliveries and precision in execution. Our new Primapower PSBB line automatically

transforms raw sheets into high-quality bent components, ensuring a well-organized material flow perfect for transferring pieces directly to automatic bending, for balancing the different bending and punching/shearing time requirements and for the proper system functioning.

Productivity comes from the integration of:

  • Versatile servo-electric punching
  • Integrated servo-electric shearing
  • Servoelectric bending
  • Automatic and flexible material flow and
  • Sophisticated software

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